Thursday, June 10, 2010

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath - 1970

All hail the birth of heavy metal. Iommi, Butler, Ward, and Osbourne. What happened that winter of 69/70 that led to this perfect storm of music, and created an entirely new revolution in rock and roll? Well it probably had to do with a good deal of drug, drink, and reading sci-fi/fantasy stories. Happily picked this up at Joe's Record Paradise in Silver Spring and it has been on heavy repeat ever since. Its quite hard to concentrate on anything but the music when its playing. Ozzy and the gang demand your attention - and its an incredibly impressive debut. Others may sing the praises of their follow up album "Paranoid" as the quintessential Black Sabbath album, but this self titled debut has plenty of aces up the sleeve (wicked pun...nice!). Many riffs died to bring this album to life, as well, the improvisational vibe is strong.

Side A features such nasty tunes as "Black Sabbath", "The Wizard", and "NIB". None of these cuts is weak in any way. It's pure evil all the way. A little silly in the lyric department at times, but if you're on board, which I know you will be, all will be well. It's side B which really might catch you off guard. If not for side B the entire affair could just get shelved as a never was rock episode but side B shows off the band as real powers. It could easily be written off as a blues imitation were it not for the guys in the band crushing it with savage and soulful justice. They key things down so it's just as heavy and full of sludge as can be. Total meltdown.

By the way, who names a band BLACK SABBATH in 1960's? That alone was so opposite of what was happening in music. Music inspired to make you feel like you were watching a horror movie! Brilliant and way ahead of the curve. Of course the 60's had plenty of war, rioting, and general hellfire going around to inspire a lot of dark tunes. These guys just happened to do it first and best.

Also, guitarist Iommi was briefly in Jethro Tull, a few years before "Aqualung". Curious, but true. Glad he decided to return to the Sabbath fold to make this classic.

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