Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Introducing the In-Car Record Player!

After a long day of digging through crates of vinyl and finding some gems (or what you think could be gems), ever think to yourself while driving home in the car, "Man, I wish someone invented a record player for the car!" Well, folks, your day has come . . . Introducing the first In-Dash No-Skip Turntable! You no longer have to wait the long trip home battling traffic to check out your records, now you can enjoy your vinyl finds en route.

Wondering how the In-Dash No-Skip Turntable plays your vinyl without skipping when you hit a pothole in the road? Well, our product uses cutting edge technology developed by NASA engineers for the currently under wraps Mars mission. This sleek sound system is hydraulically suspended, the turntable and needle hover in a diamond chamber padded with liquid nitrogen. The record enters the chamber much like a CD in a car, press the button, and the needle lovingly hits all the grooves. Our patent pending design is vertically mounted, which enables less of a chance of skipping and superior sound quality for you!

Upgrade your model to include the specially featured smoke machine! Pulling from our liquid nitrogen already used in the suspension of the turntable, create your very own smokey ambiance in your car while you groove to your tunes.

So hurry and order your In-Dash No-Skip Turntable for your car, truck, bus, van, train, airplane, or Winnebago today! While supplies last!

Coming soon the Egg-Crate No-Skip Turntable for bicycles!

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