Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Gatti

Gato Barbieri - Chapter One: Latin America, 1973

Well this record wins the What Just Happened Award for the week.  It comes to us from being bought on a whim at Woodwards in Hampden, Baltimore, and with having known nothing about it.  Its a total chaotic cluster.  I'm tired after listening to it only once.  Perhaps, there will be a second listen and blog in the future, but, I need to recover first.  I don't think its a bad record, just different.  As "G.V.A" (possibly a former owner of this record) has scrawled on the back cover, "Gato could be better one side not bad", which sums it up pretty well. 
Tip of the day: I do not recommend listening to this record while hungover.

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