Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cat Scratch Fever

Our copy of Run DMC Raising Hell purchased at the legit Arbutus Record Show looks like a cat either competed in a dance off on this LP, and/or was tasked with ferrying it to the player in its mouth, repeatedly.

The Fat Boys self titled debut album we own also has its share of skips and fuzz, particularly on Side A.  A very obvious food stain on the label as well (irony?).  Purchased for fifteen cents I feel we got the better end of the deal.  Thankfully the major damage is the album sleeve.  It looks like a frenzied cat chased a mouse on the it and missed its target, instead clawing out a corner chunk of the cover art.

Perhaps cats are getting confused with the real record player in the house and this awesome and equally confounding item... why are we teaching cats to do this!?!

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