Saturday, August 31, 2013

Johnny Cash

Clearly vinyl records are cool.  Duh.  You know how we know this?  Because even the U.S. Postal Service gets it!  Check out this new one-sheet of Johnny Cash stamps, the second release from the USPS "Music Icons" series.  Front side:

He's looking pretty good, right?  Now the stamp side:

What's that pokin' up at the top of the sheet you ask?  It's a fake record!  They mocked a sheet of stamps into a 45 in a sleeve!  "Designed to suggest a vinyl disc sliding from its cover."  Respect.  Bet every philatelist is going to want to write about this.  What "music icon" should the VVers start a letter-writing campaign to the USPS for?  Devo?  Kurtis Blow?  The Ramones?  Ideas?

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