Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rolling Record Store

Third Man Records' Rolling Record Store traveled to DC this past week and VVer #2 was lucky enough to visit it.  Not trying to over analyze this.  A record store on wheels.  SO COOL! Thank you Jack White, or whoever at your music label came up with this plan! What a great idea.

Third Man Records Truck conveniently parked next to the 9:30 Club in DC.
What exactly is a rolling record store?  Think food truck, but with records.  They even have a menu of the daily offerings!  VVer #2 was slick (and/or lucky) and asked for a record off the menu (gasp!) which they had.  The VVers have continually been haunted this past year by not being able to see the most recent Melvins tour.  First, they were in DC while the VVers were tying the knot, then they were in Baltimore for Deathfest while the VVers were also in Baltimore but not sure what they were doing, and lastly, they were back playing in DC while the VVers were traipsing around Milwaukee where again they were taunted by old concert posters of the tour stop in the beer-city a week prior.  Maybe the VVers should get their shit together...  Where is this going?  Well, it just so happens that the Melvins stopped at Third Man Records and recorded a direct-to-acetate show on May 30, 2013! As luck (or providence?) would have it, the rolling record store had the recording.  Score.  How is it?  Upon first and second listen: crushing and awesome.

Since the novelty of being at a record truck had not yet worn off (will it ever?), I also was quite easily talked into getting the new "record of the day" from Seasick Steve Hubcap Music.  Have I ever heard of him?  No.  My record truck cashier/driver man/boss dude in the window said that he sings the blues and is a guy that used to be homeless and made it huge in the UK.  Well, ok (truth or not), when else will I buying records from a truck in the near future?  Into the bag it went.  I must say that also after a first and second listen, the VVers are not disappointed.  There might have even been some head bobblin' and foot stompin' whilst spinning.  Up-tempo guitar and gnarly vocals give this a 80's metal meets The Black Keys kind of honky tonk country saloon vibe.  Credits go to Seasick Steve for "hollerin' and playing assorted junk string things."  Amongst other credits are an "old cast iron frying pan," "fretless gourd banjo," and Jack White III on a "stone cold solo guitar" on one of the tracks.  There's also some fella named John Paul Jones playing on a bunch of tracks.  You may have heard of him.  Other than the final tune which gets into a touch much gospel for this house, it's a winner.

Keep an eye for a yellow truck Rollin' n' Chooglin' through your city! Records!

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