Saturday, August 2, 2014

DC Zinefest and Mini-Updates to This Here Blog

DC Zine Fest is Saturday, August 9th at St. Stevens Church in Mt. Pleasant from 11am to 5pm!  The VVers will have their awesome, brand-new issue for YOU to buy.  In addition to record musings, Vinyl Vagabonds #5 features a Globe Poster inspired, hand-screened cover.  Go-go your way over to Zine Fest and pick one up!  Not only do the VVers write about records, they also create fun mini-comics, and premiering in DC is VVer #1's collaborative "Thank You For Your Cooperation" a RoboCop 1987 fanzine.  Sweet!

In the interwebs world, while not a total revamp, the VVers did add some spiffy features to the blog, mostly on the suggestions of fellow readers.  Now, at the bottom of the page, you can:
(1) Sign up to follow the blog!  YAY!  (Why didn't the VVers have this sooner?  No one knows.)
(2) Order zines directly from us!  All you need is PayPal or a checkbook.
(3) Search the website.  Want to see if Kurtis Blow or Neil Young champion the most amount of write-ups from the VVers?  Now it's easy.

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