Sunday, March 1, 2015

Brand Spankin' New Zine

Did the VVers mention how busy they have been arting it up for the release of their SIXTH (yes, you read that right) Vinyl Vagabonds Zine?! Featuring original musings about record collecting, original drawings, and an original lush screen-printed cover. You will want to buy it.
First chance to get your grubby mitts on a copy is at the zine release party at Bump 'N Grind, cafe/record store in Silver Spring, on Friday the 13th of March. The VVers will be DJing from their collection from 7pm-9pm. More info here.

Your second chance to score a copy directly from the source is the very next day at SMUDGE Comic Arts Expo at Artisphere in Arlington, VA on Saturday, March 14th from noon to 6pm. Buy comics, art, and zines!

Be there
For the new zine!
It's going to be
It'll blow your socks off!
It's one of those things
Where Cookiezilla versus zine
Zine versus comic
Comic versus vinyl record
Be there!
Intergalactic record battle
It's... instupituous!!

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