Tuesday, May 19, 2015

DJ Sets at Bump N' Grind Silver Spring

Friday, May 29th 7pm - 9pm
Six Degrees of Separation

The Vinyl Vagabonds will be DJing by way of the six degrees of separation method -- tracing connections between the vast and varied selections from their collection.  Links, such as Run DMC to Aerosmith, might be very obvious while others will lead to some head-scratching, such as Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five to St. Vincent.  Daunting as this all sounds, the VVers know it can be done!

Coming next:
Friday, June 5th 7pm - 9pm
The Vinyl Vagabonds Take Your Request Night (HAHA, PSYCH!)
A night of psychedelic music for your soul.  Silly, the VVers don't take requests.

These are free, metro-walkable, all ages, cosmically-relevant music nights at Silver Spring's newest (and only) record/coffee shop.  Also, they have an awesome staff, fine adult beverages, and delicious foods for eating.  YES!

Bump N' Grind
1200 East West Highway,
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

Be there!
  Stuff you probably already know:  
The Vinyl Vagabonds (who are Eric and Sara) is a music and art focused project inspired by the medium of vinyl records, going strong for over six years!  They like all kinds of music and are prone to play just about anything.

"So, uh, how does it work?  Do I just give you my records?"
"Yes, give us your records."

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