Friday, August 26, 2016

Get to the Chopper(!)

Recently rediscovered in the Vinyl Vagabonds cache of 45s, this little gem should see the light of day more often!  "Get to the Chopper" is a pink 7" within a no frills black and white xerox cover.  Where did this pink slab o'vinyl come from and why is it staying in the House of VV?  Many moons ago, while in the oasis of fun that is Northampton, MA, VVer #2 picked it up and couldn't put it down.  For a few bucks at tiny basement store, Turn It Up!, VVer #2 was excited to own a record that would inspire her to say in her best AHRNOLD impersonation "Get to the Record Playah!" "Do it! DO IT NOWWW!!!"

Apparently the music on it wasn't bad either since it has remained in the collection for so long.  Upon re-listen it's immediately a household fave.  The music could be described as grind noise, doom-esqe, or experimental.  A grungy churn starts things off, but things get really weird from there.  Guitars echo in a siren-like alarm, distortion ensues, then the screaming.  What can only be discerned as "Oh my God!" "Oh my God!" see-sawing back and forth, only lasts long enough for you to look around and make sure ears aren't bleeding.  Hang on tight for tempo shifts aplenty and more incoherent screaming.  Then the finale, pure thrash hardcore and noise leading into echo and dissonance with a little bit of that familiar blaring siren.  This is the sort of song you play for your Grandma if you want to see her hair catch on fire.  The only disappointment to the 45 is that the B-side is the exact same track (maybe?).

A nice kicker is the four little xerox inserts that came in this package.  We learn that the band is from PA and that the first pressing of this 45 (from 2005 with a run of 150 copies) was on black vinyl with a Predator screen-printed on the B-side in different colors.  Sounds awesome, the VVers want to run into a copy of that!  A quote: "The beauty of the DIY community is that any one of you reading this insert now could have done this yourselves.  Start a band, put out a record, write a zine, set up a show; all of those things are available to every one of you if you just put forth the effort."  There are even several emails and web links for getting advice on how to do such a thing.  Bravo say these VVers.  Bravo.

P.S.  There's even a shout out to BURGERTIME as being the greatest video game ever.  OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!

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