Sunday, April 25, 2010

Dum Dum Girls

Through the influence of a good write up in the Washington Post we went to check out these LA ladies at DC9 a few weeks back. They were opening for a group never heard of and not worth naming for this blog. Dum Dum Girls played a short, tight set. Maybe ten songs... they opened up with Rolling Stones cover "Play With Fire". A retro choice for a retro girl group with a modern goth drone wall of sound.

So why talk about the concert on a vinyl site you ask? It's because the full album was not available on iTunes so I picked it up on vinyl at the show for $15 bucks (probably the most I have ever spent on a vinyl record). A lot of the fun of this "vinyl thing" has been in seeking out unusual and lost discs at random record repositories and getting them DIRT CHEAP. Well, this is the first brand new full length record that I have purchased since the vinyl fascination began in earnest and it's solid.

The record was concocted from lead lady Dee Dee, with some minor assistance from Yeah Yeah Yeah's guitarist Nick Zinner and Crocodiles singer Brandon Welchez. The album is produced by Richard Gottehrer a veteran of 60's girl-pop, 80's new wave punk, and several recent stabs into the new indie world.

Listen to this album when you are in need of an antidote to your hip-shaking doldrums. Other than one slow burn ballad, the whole album shimmies like a be-sequined flapper.

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