Friday, April 9, 2010

A Eulogy for Records in the Streets

Biking down to Petworth the other day we happened upon the wreckage of a record collection, strewn and smashed down 8th Street, NW, literally in the street.

Most of the records we did not recognize. They mostly seemed of the R & B, Funk, and Disco variety, with cheap looking generic paper sleeves promising a "Disco Hit" or something. No big names come to mind. A strange final resting place for a vinyl collection. Did they get thrown out in a rage? Were they a DJ's bread and butter? Did these platters get thrown out of a moving car or tossed up high in the sky via tornado? What exactly went wrong?

In homage to these outcast records, a eulogy to bad records, lost records, scratched records, and especially misunderstood records. May they serve a better purpose to someone at some future time. Though their dense grooves will likely not be needle warmed again, the music continues in vinyl press, in thrift shops, an on turntables around the world. Whether it be for 15¢ or 15$, spin, spin, spin.

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