Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Medicine County

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs - Medicine County

This album made its way to our turntable from the pretty damn awesome city of Milwaukee, WI, where we saw Holly Golightly play a boozy show at Mad Planet. While in town for a random "check out the city" vacation, we stumbled across the listing for this gem in a local free paper and got tickets on a whim. Definitely a good choice! We trekked to a northern neighborhood despite the rain and tornado warnings and caught this great duo in between honking back many cans of Blattz and games of pool with some nice locals.

So who is this Holly Golightly lady anyway? Well, shes been making retro tunes since the early 90's and is currently touring with "the Brokeoffs", her longtime US bandmate Lawyer Dave.  She describes her music as a "
a mixture of pre-rock electric country blues, folk and less frantic rock & roll".  Less frantic is right.  This stuff is the opposite of frantic.

The album sounds like it was written after a lot of smoking and drinking took place, but in a good way. "Two Left Feet" and "Forget It" get this album going with a stuttering swing that fits in perfectly with the duo's off-kilter vocals.  There are bright and sunny spots, but not in a cheesy way.  "Escalator", "When He Comes", and "Medicine County" are good examples of a goofy, deadpan, skiffle cheerfulness.  It seems these two know their share of boozin', screwin', and losin'.  
Some lovely fiddlin' on "I Can't Loose" also.  How about that?  A least they seem to have a powerful appreciation for old school country.

The show itself was very cool as the band really seemed to have a solid sense of doing a show without any BS.  Holly and Dave had a stellar rapport with each other and the audience.  They also stuck around for a while post show (on a Monday!) to talk music, sell/sign records and were both absolutely cool.

Cover Notes: The quaint cover art was painted by Holly's mom and the back cover sports a creepy/cool picture with a male/female merged image of the duo.

Inside the Sleeve: Tie-dyed lime green vinyl w/ hot pink...SCORE!

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