Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Here's your less than two week notice!

Brooklyn Zine Fest

Come visit the VVers hawking their goods at the BROOKLYN ZINE FEST on April 21st!  We'll be debuting Vinyl Vagabonds #4 (the pizza deluxe edition) to add to your collection.  Twenty-eight scorching pages full of fun record anecdotes and artistry.  Hand printed cover too!  Also the lady VVer will be debuting her first mini-comic Adventures of a Terrified Pickle.  Did we mention the plethora of other really awesome zine-makers that will be in attendance?  Last year the space in Williamsburg was absolutely jammed with hipsters and zine lovers of all stripes. With so many interested and interesting folk, this year should not disappoint!  Be there, chicken pants.

Too far to travel for the show?  Failed in your attempts to invent a teleporting machine?  If you answered yes to both of these queries, but still desperately want a copy of the new Vinyl Vagabonds; it's time to pony up to PayPal.  $4 for #4.  How convenient!

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  1. Thank you Sarah for the Adventures of A Terrified Pickle! A fun little book, and pracpickle too! I mean practicle*