Tuesday, March 25, 2014

For the Fish that Has Everything

Are you the proud owner of a fish for a pet?  Does that fish love records and helping you pick out the best ones to play?  Don't you wish your fishy pal could enjoy that vinyl when you're not home?  Don't you wish that fish could flip the record for you while you relax on your couch or love seat? Unfortunately, fish have yet to learn how to get out of the tank, pull out a record, place it on the player, turn the player on, adjust the volume, push play, and then flip the record.  Poor little fish!  What is he (or she, sometimes it's hard to tell) to do?

For best record flipping results, owning
a sucker fish is highly recommended.
The VVers' is named Giuseppe.  He likes The Clash.
Fret not pet owner; the ultimate gift is now available!  Yes, for twenty payments of only $9.99 you can get your underwater dwelling buddies their very own, fully functional, submersible turntable!  Any 45 rpm or 7 inch in your collection can now be enjoyed by your fine finned pal at their leisure.  No more will you have to leave the tank to dull music-less days while you're out of the house.  With the flip of a fin your fishy friends can hear their favorite tunes any time they like!

The revolutionary Vinyl Vagabonds In-Tank Turntable© includes built-in amp, speakers, top-of-the-line needle, and fully waterproofed casing. Available in aqua, salmon, and sea foam.

Not recommended for salt water tanks or guppies.  Also not recommended for any 45 costing more than a dollar.  Act fast, limited supply, buy immediately, why are you still reading this!?!

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