Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Brooklyn Zine Fest 2014

This weekend brings the Vinyl Vagabonds to the fair borough of Brooklyn to table at Brooklyn Zine Fest.  At the fest the VVers will be debuting their brand-spankin-new, hand-screened copies of Vinyl Vagabonds #5!  Also available to peruse will be the VV back catalog (yes, we're allowed to say that now because we have five whole issues).  These earlier editions are disappearing fast so don't be late!  Purchasers will be entered to win exciting vinyl prize packs curated by the VVers.  Oh Boy!

BZF 2014 postcard back

VVer #1 will be debuting "Thank You for your Cooperation" a RoboCop collaborative fanzine. He will also have many other mini-comics for you to spend your hard earned dollars on.  VVer #2 will have some pickle-icious mini-comics for sale, adorned with puffy paint covers that glow in the dark.  No kidding! 
Remember, Vinyl Vagabonds, who is us, will be tabling on Sunday only.  Does that mean you should miss out on the Saturday folks as well?  Nooooooo.  Come visit BZF on both days!  More event info here.
Below are several pictures of the printing process. We did a three color screen print which sounds pretty complicated right?  Well, not imposibly so, but not exactly easy.  Thankfully we had the portable turntable along for the printing day.  It certainly helped things move along and made us the envy of the entire studio!
Blue squeegee
Two out of three colors printed and drying on the rack 
Pink vinyl in the screen printing room

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