Thursday, April 2, 2015

DJing at Bump N' Grind is Now a Thing

Yes, there is a pizza record.  Yes, it will be played.  Yes, your mind is blown.
The VVers are at it again for three Fridays in the next three months.
From 7pm - 9pm they'll be rockin' the private stash of rare and tasty vinyl. The new zine (#6 Monster Edition) will be for sale, which is also in fact rare and tasty and probably more edible than any of our records because zines are made of paper which is organic and won't kill you.  Hooray!

April 17th 
Record Store Day Eve (yes the date was purposefully picked!)
Pulling from the many wild, weird, and wonderful RSD purchases

May 29th

June 5th
The VVers Take Your Request Night (HAHA, not really)

These are free, metro-walkable, all ages, cosmically relevant music nights at Silver Spring's newest (and only) record/coffee shop.  Also, they have an awesome staff, fine adult beverages, and delicious foods for eating.  YES!

Bump N' Grind
1200 East West Highway,
Silver Spring, Maryland 20910

You outta be there!
  You probably know this already, but just in case your mind is still blown from the whole pizza record thing ... the Vinyl Vagabonds (who are Eric and Sara) is a music and art focused project inspired by the medium of vinyl records, going strong for sixish years!  They like all kinds of music and are prone to play just about anything.

"So, uh, how does it work?  Do I just give you my records?"
"Yes, give us your records."

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